Busy tone not playing

Ever since upgrading our boxes to Asterisk 1.6 we do not get the busy tone to playback when the user reaches app-blackhole, busy. If we send the user to app-blackhole, musiconhold, it plays music on hold just fine. Here is an example of a call when it hits our app-blackhole, busy:

-- Goto (app-blackhole,busy,1)
-- Executing [busy@app-blackhole:1] NoOp("SIP/SBC2-0069", "Blackhole Dest: Busy") in new stack
-- Executing [busy@app-blackhole:2] Answer("SIP/SBC2-0069", "") in new stack
-- Executing [busy@app-blackhole:3] PlayTones("SIP/SBC2-0069", "busy") in new stack

== Spawn extension (app-blackhole, busy, 3) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/SBC2-0069’

any help on why it is not actually playing the busy tone and only hangsup the call right after hitting “PlayTones(busy)”?

Have you tried activating Asterisk with max verbose mode ? It might help finding an indication for the source of the problem.