Busy lamp fields

I have been keeping one eye on Linux Telephony for several years now but before i invest what will be a considerable amount of time and money taking a leap of faith i need to know one thing, will asterix support a busy lamp field, ie, is it possible to have an indication on my SIP phone that another phone on the network is busy. I haven’t seen any feature listed or is it assumed that this feature is available



to my knowledge, asterisk does not have this ability yet. it is also know as shared line apperarance.

I too have asked that very same question in Australia and have been given a big YES it does provide the DSS/BLF through “HINT” which is a function that forms part of Asterisk.

You can even provide Line assignment which is great…

Just make sure your SIP telephone supports the features … Grandstream 2000 series is what I am investing a lot of time with ; )


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