Busy lamp field (softkeys with led) not working in 1.2.4

I have a smooth running asterisk setup using version 1.2.4, running on a FreeBSD 5.4.

If I use type=friend in sip.conf, hint (or busy lamp field) does not work correctly. The only 2 status that is working is ‘Unavailable’ and ‘Idle’. If I change to type=peer, I now also have ‘InUse’ and ‘Busy’, making it acceptable, but not perfect, because I do not have ‘Ringing’.

This is not a subscription problem, as I verify the phones state with “show hints” from the console interface. When using type=friend the state does not change - even when im talking on one phones, the state is ‘Idle’.

Are you sure it’s not a subscription problem? BLF does NOT work when you reload sip.conf because the subscription with the phone is lost. This is a known bug in Asterisk. Basically, BLF is unusable in a production environment with Asterisk as it is now.

Everytime you reload configs or reboot the server, BLF will NOT work regardless of what phone you use until you reboot the phone. At least it does not work for Polycom, Aastra, and Grandstream phones. I am assuming it is the same with SNOM.

There is a simple workaround patch that some people are having some success with. It’s just a workaround for now and may not work for everyone.

It is not a subscription problem.

Regardless of subscriptions and the reload-sip.conf-and-loose-subscriptions problem - the “show hints” command should always show the current state of the configured phones.

It worked fine in 1.0.7, although it does not have the “show hints” command, but in 1.2.4 is a problem.