Multiple channel question

I read this on about TelaSIP

[quote]I signed up a week or so ago, the call clarity is much better than some others I’ve been with, and the price is the best I’ve found. They allow two active channels, so with two ports on your ATA (or two seperate one port ATA’s) you really get two lines for the price of one. I checked with them to make sure this was okay, and they said sure, as long as the second ‘line’ has reasonable long distance.

To do this, you simply set up both ATA ports to login and register the same way. Then when the phone rings, both lines will ring. When you answer one, the second one stops ringing. When a second call comes in, only the second ATA port will ring. It works great and lets you have two lines for the price of one. [/quote]
I just signed up for broadvoice and was wondering if it’s possible to do the same thing with bv using asterisk? I haven’t installed asterisk yet, but plan to this evening.

I contacted BroadVoice about this a while ago. They informed me that each “line” only supports 1 channel, however, that 1 channel allows for doing call waiting or 3-way calling. Voicepulse offers 4 concurrent incoming and outgoing channels if youre interested in this.

I saw on their knowldge base that they offer the 4 channels only for the connect! plan, but couldn’t find any reference to that plan. Any idea how much it costs?

You can find all the info you need here: