Build Asterisk 11

I am having trouble with Asterisk 11 after building it. The main thing I noticed is that the sip channel is unavailable. It was selected in the “make menuselect” step. Any suggestions?

Most likely chan_sip isn’t loading. Have you tried running “asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvcf” and checking the messages for clues?

Usually due to a missing SSL library when you run ./configure.

Actually it turns out “make install” was copying the modules to /usr/lib not /usr/lib64. Does this mean I built a 32-bit but for some reason it is still trying to load 64bit modules?

Use the file command to find out what architecture they are built for.

Both the Asterisk EXE and the modules are 64-bit. Thank you for that command.