BUG of call limit in last stabile version v1.2.13

Asterisk v1.2.12.1 - works without problem. Last STABLE version of Asterisk v1.2.13 has a BUG of Call Limits with warningl. DIAL flag: L(60000:30000) on DIAL command stops a call in 30sec instead of 60sec and do not play “file1.gsm” (LIMIT_TIMEOUT_FILE=file1).
By the way, other flags for instance “oHg” after 30sec stopage also do now work properly - Asterisk just hangups a line - that’s it.
Trick is that if you reinstall Asterisk to older stable version v1.2.12.1 - everything work beautiful, without any problems, announcement plays in 30sec before and of call and correctly executing flags DIAL command too).
I do not know how works unstable version of Asterisk (v1.4.0b3), but after final release of this version it’s would be great to have correct function of Call Limits (with warning of [:y]) and correct functions of flags (after limiting of call).

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i use call limits on one trunk, but rarely run into the limit, so can’t confirm this at the moment (can’t access my server). but i do remember having to increase the limits by a factor of 10 to get them to work properly. no problems with the audio though … but i will advise using short messages as your outgoing audio is cut off completely when they play.