Asterisk continues call limit

Hi all,
i want to know if asterisk has continues call limit ? after that limit is it cannot create new call without restarting asterisk server???
note : this is not about concurrent calls.
thank You

It’s open source software. Any such limit would be considered a bug and a version without the restriction distributed.

There are probably memory leaks which have a similar effect, but they are also bugs.

hi David,
from the another forum i saw like follows
"Asterisk have the limitation of Call Counter.(100000 Calls Continuously ),after that asterisk can’t able to create new counter to take new asterisk needs to be restarted"

I want to know is it true or false

thank you…

Ask them for the issue number of the bug report that they submitted!

If you really want to be certain, look at the source code, but this would be a bug, and would have been noticed.

Asterisk is issued under a relaxed GPL licence, not as crippleware. That licence means that anyone finding such a restriction and failing to get it fixed as an official bug, could remove it themselves and issue a forked version. Given teh annoyance level of any such feature, I believe the unrestricted version would have rapidly taken over from the official version.