Asterisk 1.8.5 and LIMIT_CONNECT_FILE does not work

I had recently posted a bug issue ( that deals with the channel variable "LIMIT_CONNECT_FILE " which does not work in version 1.8.5. It does not appear that this bug was assigned to anyone to look into this issue. Normally how long does it take for a posted bug to get assigned to someone?

It’s still in triage state.

For a minor issue (to be major it has to affect a lot of users) in a fairly esoteric area, it can take weeks or months, although it shouldn’t take more than about two to three weeks to have it transitioned to feedback or open states.

You might speed things up if you provided the configuration data needed to reproduce the symptoms, and a verbose CLI log, possibly with debugging enabled on a relevant file.

For an even faster log, locate the actual problem and describe it in low level code terms, or provide a patch.

The open source bug tracking system doesn’t have any guaranteed service levels, and you shouldn’t rely on it for business critical fixes, where time is of the essence. Quite a lot of things didn’t get cleared for over a year and then got deleted because they were raised against versions that had ceased to be supported in the mean time, and not refreshed by comments reporting the problem on later versions.

Guys just to note this is not minor - its really serious in my case.

I legally have to play messages to callers so I rely on this a lot.

I needed a way to track calls so I updated from 1.6 to because I need the F option on the Dial() to work so I could continue execution of code once the caller or callee had hung up.

Now I find I am legally in breach of the telecom code here because I am not able to play price warnings to customers. I can’t use playback to work around this because in our call centre lots of workers can pick up the call as it calls a number of extensions so the only way to play the message is to use this.

Could I ask what can be done with this to see if it could be fixed fast?

Thanks a million

I found a work around to apply the patch in the bug to and this worked to get me out of this mess :smile:

[quote=“trendboy”]Guys just to note this is not minor - its really serious in my case.

The severity of a bug is not determined by the maximum severity to any one user, but rather by how many Asterisk users are likely to he affected by the issue. Most reporters over-state the severity, according to those rules.

With any low level problem, there may be alternative approaches, that avoid the problem, so it is important, when using a forum, to provide the context of the problem from the start.

In general, if time is of the essence, you should take advantage of the code being open source and commission someone to make the fix for you.

Hi guys

Just to let you know this is still broken in the next version Asterisk

I am going to try the patch again to see if that will get it working.