Bridge() the Bridge op just a media connect

Is the Bridge dialplan op (and AMI op):
a) simply a bridging/connection of the media (which I would take as the strict definition) or
b) effectively a transferring together of two channels/calls; in such a way that termination of one channel will terminate the other

Say I use the AMI to originate two SIP calls from a dummy extension. When both calls have connected the channels are bridged. If one channel is then sent Hangup, what happens to the other? Is it dependent or independent. Will the other channel get a hangup event or can I continue to use it and bridge it to other channels?

Thank you

I think you would need to experiment, or read the code more carefully than I did, but, from what I can tell:

  1. the destination channel gets taken out of the PBX, if it was in, before the bridge is established (masquerade).

  2. there is full feature support, i.e. DTMF is handled etc.

  3. The originating channel continues to run after the bridge terminates.

  4. Depending on options, a PBX may be started on the destination channel.