Unbridge call


I would like to create an IVR that bridges channel A to Channel B. After a set time, the two channels are unbridged. User on channel B listens to some background music, user on channel A goes through some more IVR after which the two channels are bridged again.
Is this possible? If yes, could you give some hints please. The problem that I’m having is unbridge the channels and keep the channel B live.

Has anyone done this in Asterisk before?


It can be done with AMI. I’m not sure if there is a double channel redirect in the dialplan language.

Thanks for your reply david55!

Can you please explain a bit, how would I do that with AMI, I have originate and bridge, that’s fine, but the key problem is how to split the unbridged call into 2 threads again after a set time.


Check AMI Action Redirect with ExtraChannel feature.

–Satish Barot

Hi satish4asterisk,

Thanks for your answer and for your help. I’ll try with those AMI commands and see where I get.