Action Bridge passing options

Hello, I’m using Asterisk Bridge Action and I have a problem. After trasfer call, when the caller hangup, asterisk restart the dialplan. I read from doc that in Bridge dialplan Application it is possible to pass ‘x’ variable in order to be hung up after the bridge, instead of being restarted in the dialplan. Is it possible to do the same using the Action?
From the doc in Asterisk > Actions > Bridge


    Action: Bridge
    ActionID: <value>
    Channel1: <value>
    Channel2: <value>
    Tone: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.

  • Channel1 - Channel to Bridge to Channel2.

  • Channel2 - Channel to Bridge to Channel1.

  • Tone - Play courtesy tone to Channel 2.

    • no
    • Channel1
    • Channel2
    • Both

No, the AMI action has no option for that.

Can you suggest a best practice to perform a transfer call?

Not really, you’d need to explain more about what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Here’s the situation I want to achieve:

  1. The client initiates a call.
  2. AgentA picks up the call.
  3. AgentA transfers the call to AgentB.
  4. The client and AgentB converse, while AgentA’s channel is automatically terminated.

In my case, through the Bridge Action, AgentA enters the same dialplan as when the client initially made the call.

Please explain why you are using Bridge rather then ChannelRedirect.

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