BRI set-up

I would like to set-up an asterisk PBX. I have two ISDN connections with the local PTT and I need 6 digital extension lines and 4 analog ones.
Any suggestion on the H/W to be used.

I have tried with one TDM40B and a TDM22B, but it is my impression that those cards are only for analog lines/extentions.


the tdm cards are only for analog lines.

Have a look here for a tutorial for BRI lines and chan_misdn.

Looks to me like you will need an octobri and a tdm400p.

Thanks for your reply.

but digital phones (not VoIP phones like Panasonic KTX7630) are quite common here for SOHO environments.

Adding 4/8-port BRI cards is quite expensive just for a few phones.
Are there any cheaper methods to integrate existing digital phones with an asterisk server?

How about using inexpensive regular ISDN modems?

you need something that does NT mode for those digital phones, you could use a cheap 99$ avm pci card for the digital phones lines, but for the digital phones you will need something more expensive.

Also the tdm card is not that cheap.