Branch view interface

Hello people,
I currently have a visualization interface for my company’s extensions:

I would like to know, is there a more user-friendly graphical interface ready? so that I can make it available for my managers to view the extensions registered or not, something more interactive.

I have no idea what generates that one. However, you can make any interface you want using the AMI to gather the data you need.

Another option, if AMI is too scary, is making AGI scripts that gathers the data and pushes them to your interface instead.

right Chano,
I don’t know much about this feature you commented on, sorry for the question, but could I be generating this data in my web interface?

AMI is an interface for Asterisk that will allow you to interact with Asterisk, to gather data, or perform certain tasks, like ending a call. You can read about it here Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

However, if you’re not a programmer, this is probably not for you, and you’ll need to look for a ready made solution.

The interface you showed a screenshot is unfamiliar for me, and it’s certainly not part of Asterisk, as Asterisk has no GUI of it’s own, but many kinds of web based interfaces exists, built by 3rd parties.

Where I work, we’ve made our own interfaces for configuring and monitoring Asterisk, which our customers can use to change their configuration by themselves.

correct, this interface I made was ready from a training, I don’t work with programming.

I was looking at another resource that would be FOP2, I believe it would be another installation solution and easier configuration, do you know this resource?

I do not, you generally need to ask about a products features using it’s own support channels. If someone here knows about something that will do what you need, they might decide to jump in with a suggestion, but hardly anyone here will search for a solution you can use, and point you to it, that’s all on you.

I believe that a version of FOP (If it’s flash operator panel) were included with Trixbox a while ago, but we’ve moved on from that almost 10 years ago, and I’ve not looked much into ready made solutions ever since.

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