Books on Asterisk


I read a book called Asterisk: The Future of telephony, This was a very good book, but it did not get that much in depth about everything. Is there any other books that are for advance things that Asterisk can do?


If you are interested in Trixbox as well as just Asterisk then this book might interest you:

I like this one

Very clear examples and step-by-step instructions. It’s not very advanced.

yes nice topic… since i am in search for good books on asterisk as well… TFOT asterisk was just a head start thing and i agree it does’nt provide much details.

most of what i know after i read the book, is when i start’d implementing stuff with asterisk

by the way this link does’nt work…

by the way this link does’nt work…[/quote]

just remove the dot at the end or use the shorter link:

lol!!! didnt notice the dot… :open_mouth:

the curse of copy pasting, i gues… :stuck_out_tongue: