Bogen TAMB and paging

I recently hooked up my Asterisk box to our factory paging system using a Bogen TAMB and a Linksys PAP2T-NA. I’m happy to report that it works great! The president of our company was so excited when he paged the California facility from the Colorado facility.

Anyway, I found out about the Bogen TAMB when looking up paging solutions on the wiki. Hooking it up was very easy. I configured the Linksys PAP2T as an extention and ran a cord from Line 1 to a distribution block. I then got a cord that goes into the mic input of our amplifer, cut the end off, and ran that to the distribution block. Finally, I ran some wire from the distribution block and punched it down on the TAMB’s block. What’s cool about the TAMB is that it does not require power. It gets power from the PAP2T. When you call the paging extension, the TAMB automatically answers and sends an anouncement beep over the speakers and phone. When you hang up the phone after you’re done with your page, the TAMB automatically disconnects.

The only configuration I had to do out of the ordinary was to turn on CPC (Calling Party Control) on the Linksys PAP2T. By default, it was disabled. Setting this to a value above 40ms allows the TAMB to know when to hang up.

Just thought I’d share my experience…