ATA/FXS with CPC Pulse support to use with Bogen paging system?

I have a Bogen PCM2000 paging system, which I’m trying to connect to my Asterisk PBX using an analog telephone adapter (ATA). I tried PLANET VIP-158 and Grandstream HT-286, neither worked as expected. The PLANET one does not hang up in time, so there are a few seconds of busy tone after the announcement. The Grandstream one disconnects 1 second after connection, regardless of what I do.

I know the Bogen system expects a CPC pulse at hangup, so as to know when to hang up as well. I assume the problem is the CPC Pulse is not sent correctly by these ATA devices, (or not sent at all, or sent when unneeded).

Is there any ATA device that is known to handle CPC correctly in this situation? or maybe a configuration change in one of my existing ATAs could make it work? Any help is appreciated.

I would be surprised if there was any such product. ATAs are designed for attaching phones, not devices that need disconnect supervision.

However, in case there are, could you describe the technical nature of the supervision signal. Do you mean a temporary removal of battery? If so, how long?

After further reading, I believe it’s what’s known as “Open Loop Disconnect”, not sure about the required duration.

It’s common for answering machines to require such signal, so there’s no busy tone at the end of each message. I think it makes sense that at least some ATAs support it.