Block making calls through softphone

Hi there,

I made a php script (click2call.php), which I am using inside my web page. This script generates a call through registered softphone.
Now, since I am calculating some statistics, I need to know, who made a phone call and how many, etc… so it is neccessary that user generates calls by click2call.php script.

Is there any way, I can prevent user to dialout using softphone directly? I need to block dialing user manually on softphone.

Thank you.

Put a proper dialplan (to reject the calls) in a context specified in endpoint definition for soft phone user in sip.conf
in sip.conf
… …
… …

And in extensions.conf

exten => _X.,1,Busy()

–Satish Barot

That simple? :slight_smile:

I do have a context, but was affraid that I would block also calls made through click2call script.


He said use a specific context, that means one that is different from the click to call context.

Thanks for warning. Missed that spot.

So, now, inside my php script I define context “clickcall” for click functionality:

fputs($socket, “Context: clickcall\r\n”);

and all my softphones are registered within context "softphone"
in sip.conf

in extensions.conf
exten => _X.,1,Busy()

Thanks for help.


No,… I was too fast,… it is not working as expected,…

I think I didn’t give enough information.
User logs into web app. When he clicks a number to call (using click2call script), his softphone auto-answers and outbound call is made.
If I create a context for this softphone with Busy(), then click to call no longer “activates” softphone,… it doesn’t ring.

What am I missing here?


It works!

I had a typo in dialplan (for logging purposes).

Thanks for help.