Can softphone call an url(ip) of my asterisk

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I want to route an unregistered softphone to an context in dialplan…of my asterisk
is it possible…? If yes ,plz guide me.

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Obviously this is a security liability.

Asterisk will then route unknown callers to the extension corresponding to their request URI user to the extension of the same name to the context specified in the general section of sip.conf (which defaults to “default”). It is possible to select the context by the domain part of the URI, but you should read the documentation for that.

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Thanks for reply david…
can you plz write the link to documentation u are saying about .

I also want to know that can i dial a number along with ip with softphone…
something like ....123456789@

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This is Asterisk 101 level stuff. Anyone writing dialplans should know the second part and you need to understand what allowguest does to produce a secure system.

The documentation can be found at and the sip.conf.sample and extensions.conf.sample files that any Asterisk distribution intended for direct end user configuration should include.

Routing on domain is advanced, but is documented in sip.conf.sample.

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I think I am unable to explain myself well…let me try once again…

My requirement is to send calls coming from unauthenticated user ((sip/softphones with my asterisk server ip in domain field and garbage value in username and password fields)) to default context in dialplan … the authentication will be done through database(will be through http request using CURL app) and also if the called number does not match a particular pattern it willbe sent to Hangup extension… I tried "allowguest=no " but the incoming call is not falling to “default” context …
and I will surely go through the sample sip.conf and documentation…

thanks again

Its going to the default context.I
Thanks david