Blind/Attended Transfers Don't Work

I’m running asterisk 1.4.1 with a couple snom320 phones and 3 PSTN lines (Zap/1-3). I can connect calls the phones just fine, but when I try to transfer using # or *2, nothing happens. The other end can hear the DTMF tones just fine, but asterisk doesn’t show any response in the CLI.

My SIP phones are set with canreinvite=no, which I had read fixed the problem for others. Any suggestions??

One more weird thing:

Outside call comes in to my line. If I try to transfer using ## (which I explicitly set), nothing happens. However, if I then park the call to 700, then retrieve the call from 701, ## suddenly works upon resuming the call???

hi dmarkow,

did you put the ‘t’ in the dial command?

example: Dial(SIP/101,30,tT)


That did the trick! Thank you so much.