BLF + SNOM, green led it does not work

Hi there,

I use a MIKOPBX v2021.4.175 decentralized in a data center.
I have in addition several SNOM D345 (snomD345-SIP

Incoming calls are signaled to me with a flashing red LED, an active call with a red LED.

How can I realize that the status green is also transmitted to me. Do I possibly have to configure something else with the Miko (Asterisk)? I got the tip from the distributor to set the following XML

Am-Almost-Ready seized_local alerting_local active_local held_local</led_green>
Unfortunately without success

Regards Daniel

Configuring the SNOM is described in How to change the LED colour and behaviour for monitored extensions

MikoPBX appears to be a poorly documented, non-free, Asterisk GUI, based on a past end of life version of Asterisk. You should get support for it from the people to who you pay/paid your licence fee.

However, in general, for SIP presence, one creates dialplan hints in Asterisk. In order for presence to reflect in use statuses, for the deprecated, chan_sip, channel driver, at least call counters needs to be enabled:

Information on configuring the, current, chan_pjsip driver can be found in:

I don’t have an information on analogue lines to hand.

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