BLF not updating

I have an Asterisk 11.15.0 with FreePBX giving service to around 150 extensions. As Operator Console we are using Dialplate. We have two operators and each one have the same 120 extensions on BLF.

Randomly, in one of the operators the status for one extension stops updating. However, it is very likely that in the other operator the status keeps updating.

As it happens randomly, in 4 or 5 hours the operator has a lot of extensions that have stopped updating and then the person doesn’t know its real status, so to solve it we have to close Dialplate and open it again.

I captured the traffic using Wireshark on one of the operators and waited until it happened.
There is a moment when the operator receives the frame SIP NOTIFY about the status of a extension (2218 in this case) and after that, it never receives again a NOTIFY about that extension. However, it keeps receiving the status of the other 119 extensions.

I’ve been talking with the developer of Dialplate and he is surprised that it is happening and says it’s not his software’s fault. That something happens on Asterisk side.

Is there something that can be done on Asterisk configuration to at least force the system to update all the information?