BLF Asterisk 1.6 to Asterisk 1.8

Hello All,

I wanted to ask you a favor I’m migrating my PBX from Asterisk 1.6 to 1.8 but I can not run the BLF. In the old version I was using this syntax:

exten => _3XX,hint,SIP/${EXTEN}

Thanks in advance

Thanks for support…

I do not have the same problems as you. BLF’s work just fine under 1.8.x (I upgraded the server couple of times and didn’t have problems with any version).

There are some differences in our configuration. I have my hints defined in the same context as all the extesions and I made a definition separately for every extension. For example:

exten => 102,hint,SIP/102
exten => 103,hint,SIP/103
exten => 104,hint,SIP/104

What IP phones are you using? Did you make a packet capture and checked the SIP NOTIFY messages?

Thanks for the reply,

blf imposed if the way you did it works perfectly, but if I use the pattern matching is wrong, maybe it was removed in version 1.8?

news? Thanks