Binding Extension with Mac Address in Asterisk


We would like to know if we could bind multiple Mac IDs to a single Extension in asterisk ,
Please give us detail steps / pointers.
I did read that this is possible in one of the Books (Definitive Guide) , please elaborate on steps involved .
We use Asterisk with FreePBX for one of our Iphone application which supports VOIP calling .
We would like to make sure that the Device/iphone is identified by the MAC address rather than IP as device will be using different networks to connect to PBX Server (3G, 4G , Wifi).


Unless the devices are on the same physical LAN, there is no way Asterisk can learn the mac address of the device. Also, the SIP protocol itself has no provision for MAC addresses, only IP. The best you can do it assign the devices SIP usernames according to the device’s MAC address, but you’ll have to do that outside of Asterisk.

Hi everyone
my problem is that multiple login for single extension in SIP so i want to stop it.
I want to bind extension with mac address
if it is possible than give me the solution

You cannot login to extensions in Asterisk. Devices registers as devices, not as extensions.

As already explained, make the MAC address the user name on the device and match as user.

If you are using FreePBX and FreePBX forces you to use the Asterisk extension number as the user part of the address of record, that is a FreePBX problem, not an Asterisk one.