Autenticação de Usuário SIP com MAC Address

Preciso que o Asterisk faça autenticação com cliente softphone via MAC address, existem algo que possa ser adicionado direto pelo arquivo sip.conf ?

It’s not a useful thing to do. It could only be done within a broadcast area, as SIP does not send the MAC address, it is only available in the link level protocol (e.g. Ethernet).

You can, of course, make the authentication user name be the MAC, and that can be a good idea. However, it is not automatic and nothing will check that it is the actual MAC address.

In theory, a SIP phone could be connected using PPP, in which case it would not have a MAC address.

Ok! eu consigo fazer essas autenticações usando um script via firewall na frente do asterisk, indicando assim os IPs e MAC address dos aparelhos autorizados, porém seria interessante que o próprio Asterisk tivesse esse recurso igual ao “samba” e “squid”… obrigado!

Again, I don’t think it is useful in all but the smallest of installations, but you could use arp -s to lock down the MAC for every address in the broadcast area, then use static addresses for all your phones, and force rport so that they cannot override the signalling address for responses.

Samba is NetBIOS based, not IP based, and NetBIOS is limited to a single broadcast area. MACs aren’t available outside the local broadcast area. Techniques that might be useful for NetBIOS aren’t good for IP.

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