Help for final year project

Hi all, pls we (my group members and i) are going to install and implement Asterisk as a final year project but we need suggestions and help to accomplish this. we have not started it yet but we will soon. also, any idea that can this project unique will be HIGHLY appreciated. there is one question so far; is it possible to assign to use a protocol (like DHCP) to uniquely assign the same ip address to a user regardless of where he connects from (the same network) just by providin a username and a password. assuming that only softphones are to be used. plssssssss, your responses are urgently and highly needed. thanks

The question, as posed, is not asterisk related. dhcpd can be set to assign a fixed IP to a defined MAC address. If the MAC address follows the user, then your answer is yes but not with a username/password.

If the question is asterisk related, and you want to be able to assign an extension to a user with a username/pass. You can also do that via asterisk configurations. For a good reference book check out this link.

Good luck with your project.