Best way to interconnect Old to NEW Pbx?

Hi Asterisk freaks :stuck_out_tongue:P
I was visiting a client and he have a Norel Meridian (analog pbx system) and he want to buy me the asterisk pbx but he says that he want a demo first before start to upgrade from all analog phones to all the new ip phones.
He have a T1 in the analog pbx, so how can i make a demo for him, i mean how to interconnect both pbx running together?
What is the cheap and best way to do this?

Thanks Freaks :stuck_out_tongue:

what is his connection to the PSTN? this t1 connection, is it a spare?

the trouble with trying to interconnect is that you would likely have to do some “programming” on the merdian side to make it work.

I’m a little unclear on your situation but what I’d do is…

Setup your Asterisk server and all the new phones in his office. Then configure the Asterisk server with a dummy DID number and forward his main number to your dummy DID. This will make it just like he has switched over. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t like it and you cancel the call forwarding and remove the equipment.