Best way to implement hot desking

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I’m maintaining since several years (2007) the telephony for the (small) company of my brother in law.

This year they have acquired a new company and we took this opportunity to migrate the Asterisk setup from 16 to 20.

There will be two locations and they would like to implement hot desking.

There are around 15 phones in total (9 on site 1 and 6 on site 2). All phones are Snom D785.

To implement hot desking, I see for the moment 2 options :

  • Using the identities on Snom D785 (limited to 12 identities)
  • Using dynamic queues

I would be interested to know what you think about this ? How did you implement hot desking at your side ? Do you have any suggestions ?

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It can also be done using a database lookup of the dialstring for Dial.

Thanks ! I didn’t know this approach, I will try to find an example.

Coupling decoupled SIP registrations with user-specific voicemail.conf might make sense, for something like this in your extensions.conf file (not tested):

exten = *43,1,Answer() ; dial *HD for Hot Desk
 same = n,VMAuthenticate() ; sets AUTH_MAILBOX on good auth of portable ext.#
 same = n,Set(technext=${CUT(CHANNEL,-,1)}) ; turn PJSIP/123-456 into PJSIP/123
 same = n,Set(next=${CUT(technext,/,2)}) ; turn PJSIP/123 into 123
 same = n,Set(DB(hotdesk/${AUTH_MAILBOX})=${next}) ; store the portable ext.#
 same = n,VoiceMailMain(${AUTH_MAILBOX},sa(INBOX)) ; "you have X new messages"

exten = _XXX,1,Set(dext=${DB(hotdesk/${EXTEN})})
 same = n,Dial(${PJSIP_CONTACTS(${dext})})

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