Best VOIP Provider

Dear community i m willing to have ur advices regarding the best voip provider i m willing to build a system that could enable around 40 concurent call through Asterisk.By using elastix or trixbox and interconnecting to a voip provider as voipbuster or other clone of betamax.

By doing that way and registering my account in my pbx with my voip provider account will it be possible to place around 40 calls from this account concurently or do i need to setup more than once account to have it well functionning on it?
thanks for remarks

I use as they are flexible in terms of usage. I have it set up so I have one sip account registered to them that makes all my calls and I pay what ever the price is /minute of usage regardless of how many concurrent calls are going on. This may not scale for you if you are looking for high usage and need an unlimited use line (they offer those too for a price around $20 / month i believe).


Very competitive, high quality, and you will have no problems scaling with them. Tech support actually cares about your problems too. I have been a direct customer for well over a year (nearly two) and have numerous clients with accounts with them as well.

There are 3 plans to choose from with Flowroute.

  1. You can get unlimited channels (concurrent calls) for about $1.50 per DID. You will pay 1.2c per minute inbound and .9c per minute outbound.

  2. You can get two channels with unlimited inbound, .9c per minute outbound, for $6.50.

  3. Virtual PRI channel. Each channel (a single call) will cost $17.50 and will have unlimited inbound, .9c per minute outbound. You can assign each DID individually to be part of your Virtual PRI group. This is very good if you are going to be doing high volume. You just need to purchase enough channels to cover your usage.

You mentioned 40 calls at the same time. You need to break that down into outbound and inbound calls. With a Virtual PRI outbound calls do not count against it. So you will only need to consider concurrent inbound calls.

Just run some calculations on your end and you can see if sticking with the 1.2c per minute is a better deal than going with the Virtual PRI.