Best practices for a pretty big Asterisk system

Hello everyone,
We are going to build a pretty large asterisk system.

  1. Dual quad Xeon 5410 processors
  2. Eight Gig Ram
  3. Two 500g drives with Raid 5 and one hot standby(3 drives in the array, 1 ready and waiting to rebuild the array if a drive fails)
  4. Dual 750W power supply
  5. DVD drive

We think we want to go with CentOS 5.2, Asterisk 1.6, and FreePBX GUI.
Would like to have SQL and also create a RAM drive for recordings.

I would like to ask everyone’s advice on the best practices we should follow for the system. e.g. Disk partioning, RAM drive size, SQL gotchas, is 8 Gig enough, etc.

This would be a great help for us before we start the project.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

How many users ???

Size is relative, and if its mission critical, where is the spec for the other one ? or is it going to be an exact mirror ?


We plan to use the system as an agent queue manager.
There will be many many queues with many many agents in each queue.

Total users is not known because the agents will be logging into and out of the queues as the day progresses.

I think it is reasonable to anticipate 2000-3000 defined stations, 150 queues with a maximum queue size of 200 logged in agents, we want to send all calls directly to the agents(reinvite ?) unless we need to record a specific agents calls, then we would send the call through the system.

We do plan to have a hot spare exact mirror.