Best Hardware SIP Phone

Hi all,

we have a couple of Cisco SPA508G SIP Phone working with Asterisk.
But it turns out we can’t program shortkeys which will send DTMF in call…
So our users have post-its on the phones to hit “#72” to park an call,
"*2" for an transfer, etc…

Now I have to buy a couple of new extra phones.
But this time I want phones which will perfect integrate with asterisk!
So we can use our system optimal!!

Any ideas??

Thanks in advanced!!

Clearly, the best phone is a Digium phone. :smiley:

I didn’t even know!!
But they are also very new…

How can I pre-order the one D70 in the Netherlands?
This is an opportunitie to support Digium AND get ride of those cisco phones…
(of course, if the Digium phone is just as flexible as Asterisk!)

General Availability begins in April, talk to your reseller and they should have more information. :smile:

I did :smile:

And what are other brands and types of SIP phones commonly used ?

yealink, linksys…

@james.zhu : Thx! yealink also look interesting…

@malcolmd : Is there in the Netherlands or Belgium also another reseller
I can contact then “Tiptel” ? (the only one on the digium website) Or can
I also order direct with Digium? (we are an IT company)


Digium doesn’t do direct orders except via our webstore (useful for people in locations not served by resellers), and the phones don’t appear on the webstore. Contact our Sales department:


+1 256 428 6262

Not only did Tiptel NOT respond to my mail a couple of weeks ago…
…also Digium didn’t respond te past 12 days!! :frowning:

The best phone I have seen, and am using, is the Aastra 6739i. Big color touchscreen. All keys are programmable. Expensive but well worth it.