Asterisk as a SIP client and extensions.conf

I have got my Asterisk server registered with my VOIP provider OK. I would like to know what the relationship is between my box being a SIP client, and the [incoming] context in my extensions.conf. Do I have to put something in my zapata.conf to send the calls to my [incoming] context?



zapata.conf controlls any cards that you would have on your machine. The incoming context like anny other is a context. This is mainly for inbound. The context that you specify in in sip.conf is the same context that it will go to in extensions.conf when you recieve a call. As far as outgoing you can dial from any context. You do:

Exten => X.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@provider)

Where provider is the name of your sip account in sip.conf

Thanks for that. I already fuond the answer. Just got to test it at home now. Managed to update my congif already.