Backup cannot be uploaded?

I have a backup from Asterisk from a server and I want to upload the back to another server which I installed the same version of Asterisk but the Backup does not show in list of backups, I did on the webinterface.
So any suggestion please.

There is no backup facility in Asterisk. You need to contact the people who provided the web interface. Assuming this is FreePBX, you want for peer support.

the is back facility on the web interface, here is the Copyright 2006-2011 Digium, Inc. Digium and Asterisk.

there is a tab to backup configuration on the web interface.

hi, i think your problem is the php uplaod max size …

Hi, I do not think it is the problem because the interface replying me the file is uploaded but i canot see it in the list of the backups

If you are referring to the old Asterisk GUI this is no longer an active project and may have problems. It is also unsupported. It’s best to avoid its use if possible, unless you wish to maintain a version yourself.

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put your backup with winscp

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