Backup with FTP not working

I am running backup and restore module version and cannot get it to backup using FTP correctly. I have setup all of the credentials and paths correctly. It runs the backup just fine when set to local. However, when I attempt to backup via FTP server it creates a blank file in the FTP home directory of the user it is transferring under. Can anyone help me figure out why it runs the backup, creates a blank file but never transfers any data? The fact that it can create the blank file tells me permissions are fine.

There is no such a version as in asterisk. There is an 1.8 and a 1.10 (and older versions).

Further : your problem isn’t asterisk related. It is more like networking-problem/server config problem.

Can you ftp yourself the asterisk-server to the backupserver, login with the credentials and upload a file to there ?

The backup and restore module is a FreePBX module, not a feature of Asterisk itself.

As was stated earlier, make sure the underlying FTP works then if you continue to have problems, I would suggest you visit the FreePBX website, not the AsteriskNow FreePBX forum here.