Background Music In Call?

I am wondering if anyone can come up with a working solution to play background music during a call in progress (not MOH). In a sense, it would be similar to CNG (comfort noise generation).

From what I have read, playing very subtle, calm & soothing music can do wonders in regards to keeping people cool, calm and collected. I’m hoping this can potentially increase productivity in areas such as product support where callers who are already a bit adgitated can easily become very frustrated and even aggressive when their expectations are not immediately met.

Any suggestions, pointers or relevant code that may be useful is very much appreciated, thank you.

Example music (to be used at very low volume) … hought.mp3

Why don’t you want to use MOH ? You can create a separate music class for your “please cool down and relax before you speak to me” music :wink:

Put your call in progress in a conference room where the MOH is playing as an input channel

caller a --> conference
caller b --> conference
music --> conference

Would require a little creative call handling, but can be done.