B410P and Echo


Does anyone have any ideas how to cure echo on an ISDN2 with B410P?

The card is supposed to have HW Echo Cancellation but customer is complaining of terrible echo (some calls not all).

I have echocancel=yes in misdn.conf

I assume I cannot use FXOTUNE or HPEC?

We are on a knife edge with this install and one way we will get paid and the other way we will get told to take it out.

I wrongly believed echo would not be a problem when I bought a Digium card with hardware echo cancellation.

Thanks Zephyr, I appreciate your help. I am in communications with one of the support team and will let you know how it goes.

Hi,Please help me.
I want to buy a 2 ports E1 Digium card for conference call.Which one is best for me.