AxVoice setup?

Hi all,

Trying to setup my Asterisk 11 environment to function with my VoIP number provider, AxVoice. Everything seems OK:

‘sip show registry’ reports back that I am indeed registered with
’sip show peers’ reports the Zoiper install on my Android is connected (and phone reports registered). Also shows my connection to axvoice @ip address online as well.

But regardless of what I try for sip/extensions config settings, I get a busy reply from Zoiper on my phone, and when I try calling into my number I get the automated “person at extension is not available” message from asterisk.

Now, I’m pretty sure my outbound is working correctly, because the AxVoice site shows and attempted outgoing call (so it’s getting to them) and I’m pretty sure my inbound is working correctly, because AxVoice shows an incoming call, and also Asterisk (on verbosity 5) is picking up the call, but reporting a 486 “Busy Here”. I think both of these issues originate with something on AxVoice’s end, but their response is always to check my configs. Am I missing something here? Codec issues? Gateway trouble? Issue with Zoiper on my phone? I have a Soundpoint IP335 I’m going to configure next to try in the event it was something with the softphone, but I wanted to check herre for any suggestions.


I am suspecting that you are not sending the correct user information in From and Contact headers when you are doing outbound calls.

Can you please do a “sip set debug on”, set the Asterisk CLI verbosity to atleast 3 and copy/paste the output here?