NEW TO AsteriskNow. Need Help Setting up QuantumVoice Voip


I have recently installed AsteriskNow on a machine. I am trying to set it up with QuantumVoice Voip. I dont know why but for some reason I am not able to get it to pick up. The call goes directly to the voice mail (provided by Quantumvoice - not asterisk).

I would like to set this Asterisk system to be used mainly has a voicemail box system for each individual in my family. When I go to my phoneportal (provided by quantum voice) i see that it says my asterisk computer is connected as well as the ATA they provided.

I have not yet tested the outgoing calls but will do it this evening after downloading a softphone.

Can I use the same incomming and outgoing number with the asterisknow server or do I need another number (ex. DID or DDI) for incomming and and the quantumvoice number for out going?

Eventually once I get it to pick up I would like to set it up to do a call back so I can use my voip outbound line from my cellphone. I have no idea how to do this.

Thanks, I look foward to hear from you guys soon, I am really excited about AsteriskNow.