Avaya IP phone 1616 configuration with asterisk

I am trying to configure Avaya IP phone 1616 and 1608 models with asterisk server. The phone is able to fetch the configuration files from the server web directory after we set the manual IP configurations on the phone. But after that the display shows as discovering X.X.X.X(Server IP) and not able to register with the SIP extensions.
asterisk version - Asterisk 16.13.0

Can anyone help me to crack this?
Thanks in advance

You got a lot to crack there amigo! :cowboy_hat_face:

Asterisk 16 is marked as EOL for next month. Avaya 1608 and 1616 are probably not SIP compatible but utilize some proprietary IP goo. There are cheaper, newer, faster, better phones out there to try; start there, get something working, then upgrade the whole network. It’s time.

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