Avaya Hardward

I am just reading about Asterick today, and find it intriguing. Of course there are many questions. The first one my manager will ask is if the current Avaya hardware we own can integrated with Asterick? Are there architectual drawings?

Thanks in advance.


The first answer to your first question will be a big YES. Asterisk can be connected via PRI as tielines and the dialling plan can be seemless as if the extensions resides on one big PABX.
The finally, you can expand more local lines and trunklines on the Asterisk instead of the Avaya. It will save your company a lot of money.


One can start with a Linux server and the Asterick Software, but what do the circuits connect to?

I am use to carrier provided PRI MUXs patched to Avaya DS-1 boards which then connect to the S8700 Linux based servers.

Thanks again.