Avaya 9620 first outgoing call fails

Running Avaya 9620 phones with SIP96xx_2_6_8_4.bin on the phones and Asterisk For some reason every other outgoing calls goes to fast busy. I can hang directly up and hit redial and the call goes through without a problem. This happens every-time. So lets say I was calling 123-1234 the first call goes fast busy, hang up and hit redial and the call goes fine. Hang up again and try again and get fast busy again then the next redial is fine. I attempted to debug and was able to capture the outgoing failure and it appears as if the phone tried to authenticate using the MD5 and asterisk failed it passing unauthorized “Response Code= 401”.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. The debug log from the failed call is attached.


No log found.

As noted on the other copy, the correct response to 401 is to resend with the authentication response based on the challenge in the 401.


As you can see by the movement of the post I read your previous reply. I understand that the 401 is an authentication (I even put that in my original question before your reply the first time). I am working under the assumption at this point that the phone has firmware issues and was hoping since this is a fairly popular phone to hook to asterisk that someone else who has a similar phone/setup could chime in with what the problem is and a possible work around for this whether it be an older firmware or changes in the authentication of asterisk.

I was unable to attach the log but it can be viewed here: developersinfo.com/failed-call.txt

A quick note for anyone else having issues is you can downgrade to 2.6.7 on the phone and the calls are working correctly. However, it has a bug with the caller id being passed showing garbage as the first few characters.