Avaya 9620 first outgoing call fails

Running Avaya 9620 phones with SIP96xx_2_6_8_4.bin on the phones and Asterisk For some reason every other outgoing calls goes to fast busy. I can hang directly up and hit redial and the call goes through without a problem. This happens every-time. So lets say I was calling 123-1234 the first call goes fast busy, hang up and hit redial and the call goes fine. Hang up again and try again and get fast busy again then the next redial is fine. I attempted to debug and was able to capture the outgoing failure and it appears as if the phone tried to authenticate using the MD5 and asterisk failed it passing unauthorized “Response Code= 401”.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. The debug log from the failed call is attached.


Getting 401 when the credentials are volunteered probably indicates an expired nonce. The phone should retry with the nonce provided in the 401.

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