Avaya 4610SW with Asterisk

Avaya 4610SW Phone (firmware : b10d01b2_9.bin) gets hung after few hours ( Display remains as it is, can’t dial or receive calls), works fine again after reboot.
Considering known isssue of MWI and deregistering from the Asterisk Box, sip.conf is modified and remarked #mailbox.
Still problem remains.

I had the same problem when i migrated a customer from Avaya to Asterisk. The phones where 4602 and 4610 with release 2.2.2. For me was enough to set “mailbox=”. Pay attention when you reload asterisk because if previously the mailbox was set and after you have remarked, the field is not updated. See with "sip show peer " if mailbox is really blank.

I think # sip show peer doesn’t work for our trixbox (-bash: sip: command not found) , any other way ?

sip show peer is an Asterisk command, not a shell command. It needs to be issue to the Asterisk console.