Automatic call outbound


I need to setup a system that will call a list of phone number and logs if it answers or not at the other end (voice mail). If there is no answer then a SMS should be sent to a support team. Can I do this with Asterisk on a Linux box with a FXO card ? or is there a better way ?

We have a lot of PBX at remote sites and once in while some of them stop working at night and we need to have them up and running before working hours. Other means of monitoring doesn’t do the job on these device (Nagios, SNMP).


Are these PBX’s at the remote site Asterisk?

If so set them up to call you each night. Then just check your logs to see if they did. If they didn’t then your system could notify whoever.


This is not really a good answer to the question you were asking but,did you ever try using Opennms for a network monitoring tool? We use this in an k-12 school enviornment monitoring 3 school buildings from one instance of Opennms. A few years back when trying to get this setup, I found that Opennms worked much more streamlined and effective than Nagios and others.
The solution you are wanting to do is probably the best ’ real world’ way to know if the two endpoints in your pbx can talk as they should .
Of course Opennms supports many standard protocols transparently and would send either a warning or a red ‘down’ if any of your ip phone devices were offline and email a support team/group,as you are wanting to do.
Just a thought.


The PBX’s at the remote sites are Nortel BCM, I think there pretty closed but I can check if there is a way to have them to place a call automatically.

I never tried opennms, I will take a look at it. These PBX support both IP phones and traditional Nortel business phones maybe there’s a way to monitor the IP phones.


I just thought of something after my initial posting. I am not sure of your network topology there. The problem I see ( possibly) is if your LAN and the remote pbx’s are not vpn’d(ipsec) ,then Opennms will not be able to work. Our school scenario has the two remote buildings vpn’d to the primary building so I set up Opennms to see the other two /remote subnets as an local subnet and Opennms monitors these two (remote) subnets fine. You simply edit the Opennms conf file to monitor the subnet(s) you want it to monitor.
If by chance your lan and the remote pbx’s are vpn’d then Opennms will work for you.
Hope this makes sense.