Autodialer - control number of simultaneous calls

Hello, everyone.
I want to create autodialer and want to ask, if it is possible to control the total number of simultaneously processed call files. Also, can I somehow control the number of simultaneous processed files of one particular task in case I want to conduct more than one autodialer task (I would like to assign a maximum number of channels per task)? Can this be achieved in a file-based autodialer or I must write a script and use the originate application?

For auto dialer system is better use Originate Action and PHP , from there you can control the amount of calls initiate per task, In my case I get the numbers from a DB and I limit the amount of simultenous calls based on the result returned by the MYSQL query and the LIMIT clause

Thank you. I will try to use the originate application.

I made a auto-dialer a few years ago.
in my case, I use AMI
I made a demon(service) that is connected AMI.
The demon manage information of channels that’s made by originate action.