Auto config for phones and security questions

Hi I currently am suitated at univeristy studying asterisks. They are two parts of my assignment I am completely confused about. (I currently have two asterisks boxes which are trunked)

  1. flex office workers can only dial internal numbers (on either box) How would i accomplish this?

  2. auto configuration of phone settings how would this be accomplished?

thanks for any input!

thanks, demigod.

1 - you can put flex office workers extensions in a context that dont have access to IP or DAHDI trunks . Or if you can have this limitation based on their callerID ( by using ${CALLERID(num) variable )
2- Most of ip phones can read their configuration files trough tftp from a server based on their MAC Address . this method is named "tftp provisioning " you can search it with the Ip phone model you have to find out how to do it a

thanks for your reply, could you give me an example as my lectures are useless.

University students are expected to be able to use other source materials, not just their lectures. Also, exercises are there to make you think and find sources.

Whilst I find the problem statement somewhat confusing, the answer about contexts covers material that is very basic. If you don’t understand contexts, you really don’t understand Asterisk dialplans. Maybe the problem is more complex, but you should be able to tell that.

Autoconfiguration tends to be phone specific, so you need to read the technical documentation for the specific phones that you are using.