Dynamic IP phone settings

Does Asterisk support a method to dynamically adjust the settings of an IP phone based on where a user is sitting? For example, let’s say there are 10 cubicles and if a supervisor logs into the computer on one cubicle, the IP phone will have the supervisor context (say the privilege of making long distance calls) while a temp worker logs into the computer, the IP phone will not allow any outgoing calls. Also, the supervisor and the temp worker could log into any one of those ten computers.

Not in the way you describe. But there is user code out there for hot desking where the person logs into the phone, not the computer. Do a search on this forum for “hot desk” or “hot desking”.

If each worker, super or temp, knows how to (re)configure a phone (soft or hard), Asterisk will automatically tell the super’s extension from a temp’s. But even with soft phone, you don’t want to train every worker to configure their own.

Can preconfigured soft phone (or hard phone for that matter) be used in different context in Asterisk? Yes. The agent interface could do this.