Auto Conference by dialing a number


In Asterisk I want to create a conference scenario in which i will dial a number (say 1234) and then asterisk will dial 4 extensions 1111,2222,3333,4444 and after connection it will put all in a conference.

Please suggest how can i achieve it.


by doing this i am able to do it. Is there any better way ???/


exten => 1234,1,wait(1)
exten => 1234,n,Originate(SIP/3001,exten,test_context,8901)
exten => 1234,n,Originate(SIP/3002,exten,test_context,8901)
exten => 1234,n,Originate(SIP/3003,exten,test_context,8901)
exten => 1234,n,Originate(SIP/3004,exten,test_context,8901)
exten => 1234,n,Originate(SIP/3005,exten,test_context,8901)
exten => 1234,n,MeetMe(8901,1)

exten => 1234,h,Hangup
exten => 8901,1,MeetMe(8901,1)


By doing this it is trying numbers one by one, due to which it is taking long time to call all members for conference.
Can anybody help me to dial all numbers in one go.

Assuming Originate doesn’t answer, use the & notation and dial multiple local channels, which then do the Originate.

now it is working fine… thanks David.

can somebody show the modified file with the & syntax as define above

Can anyone give the modified code? @alain2208 @chauhan_delhi