Audiocodes MP114 FXO - disable answer from PSTN

Hello all. I didn’t see a forum dedicated to gateways, so I’m trying here. Hopefully this isn’t too difficult, and I’m just missing something obvious. I’m using an Audiocodes MP114 FXO for outbound emergency use only at some small branch offices. It is only used if the SIP trunk goes down. The line is shared with a fax machine, so I need to set the MP114 to never answer. Is there a way to do this? The MP114 is firmware 5.4. I tried disabling Auto dial, but now it answers after 2 rings and then I get a dial tone. Any ideas? Thanks, Matthew
**I know I didn’t include a bunch of details about my asterisk setup. I believe it is strictly an audiocodes issue and I’m hoping that someone here has some experience in this and might be able to help me.

Never Mind. I found it. FXONumberOfRings