AudioCodes MP-114 Corrupting Outbound Phone Number on FXO

I am trying to get an AudioCodes MP-114 2FXS/2FXO to work in replacement for a Grandstream GXW4104. I had no problems with the GXW4104 other than it failed and needs to be replaced. Due to cost and ratings it looked like the MP-114 was a better option for what I needed.

I have noticed a few quirks I will put down first as other might bump into them as well. I used the BootP to set the IP address and change the subnet mask to This showed in the Network tab on the AudioCodes “VoIP” -> “Network” -> “IP Interfaces Table” as correctly set and other devices on the network could see and speak with the MP-114 (such as the web interface, inbound SIP, and SSH), but during SIP responses, I would get an error stating it failed due to no route to host. The Subnet was configured properly, but for some reason, some internal subnet mask was still set to the default. I fixed this by manually resetting the IP address to another address and back to the desired address. This seemed to correct the subnet mask buried that I couldn’t see.

Now my question. I can get Inbound calls from FXO (Port3) to forward to my PBX, my problem is something corrupts the outbound phone numbers so I get a “Number is Invalid” (from Comcast). I can go to the comcast site and see the number has been altered that was dialed. In two stage I can manually dial the number with no problem.

What I found is that the 2nd digit in phone number gets deleted. It doesn’t seem to matter if I include the leading 1 in the US number. So for example:

1(ABC) DEF-HIJK and (ABC) DEF-HIJK both get dialed as (AC) DEF-HIJK which causes the problem.

I have a temp and unacceptable work-around which is to add a Dummy digit for the MP-114 to delete. So I dial:
1(AXBC) DEF-HIJK or (AXBC) DEF-HIJK and this gets dialed as (ABC) DEF-HIJK and the call succeeds.

I can see that Asterisk properly passes the desired phone number to the MP-114 without corruption, so I looked into the “Manipulations” section of the MP-114. This section is blank, there are no Manipulations. Based upon my Subnet mask experience, I decided to enter Manipulation that should just pass the number, didn’t fix the corruption above, then delete them to see if it cleared something internal I couldn’t see. It still corrupts the phone number passed to the MP-114.

Has anyone seen this and have any idea what might be causing it or how to avoid it?

Here is the device information:
;Board: MP-114 FXS_FXO
;Board Type: 56
;Serial Number: ########
;Slot Number: 1
;Software Version: 6.60A.352.002
;DSP Software Version: 204IM3=> 660.15
;Board IP Address:
;Board Subnet Mask:
;Board Default Gateway:
;Ram size: 32M Flash size: 8M
;Num of DSP Cores: 1 Num DSP Channels: 4
;Profile: NONE
;License Key limits aren’t active full features capabilities are available !;

I think I found the answer to this problem after extensive experimentation since you can’t get support for this device unless you buy a support contract. This isn’t practical for the home users so I am posting what I found.

There is a single setting buried in the Advanced Settings:
VoIP -> Coders and Profiles -> Tel Profile Settings (make sure you have advanced parameter list selected)
“Enable Digit Delivery” needs to be “Disabled” for this not to occur.