Audio problems from external locations

Hi folks,

apologise for probably duplicate topic, but I lack time for detailed searching.

I have an Asterisk box at home (connected to a SIP provider via common router, i.e. NAT) to accept incoming calls and either forward them to me (notebook with X-Lite) or record a message.

When I am at home, everything works fine. However, if I am logging from a different location (also connected with another router w/NAT), I experience difficulties with audio, to be more specific:

. audio works fine for voicemails (both listening and recording)
. for inbound calls people cannot hear my voice (and sometimes I cannot hear them too).

Guess, the problem is with SIP configuration.

Can anyone with identical setup share their sip.conf settings?

Many thanks in advance.

make sure you have

or whatever your things are in sip.conf’s general section and nat=yes

I try not to do any NAT-ing because it is painful and time consuming to figure out - there are so many points of failure with any voip call, let alone having NAT issues.

Thanks, Chris!

The issue seems to be a kind of a mystery. In fact I had both of “externip” and “localnet” specified along with “nat=yes”.

However, without any changes made to confs within 2 days it started working normally. Till the day :smile:

make sure you have canreinvite=no and a qualify=3000 or so set in the sip.conf


these were set from the very beginning as well.


Are both locations behind NAT ? if they are then you see , … +solutions , option 4



many thanks for the link and your assistance, indeed, both locations are behind NATs.

But the puzzle is that sip.conf was made only once! And after 2 days of audio problems it started working normally as it should from the beginning :smile:

I had something similar - got a config working, and then stopped mysteriously…

my guess is that it was linked to the stun server, which was the only element not under my control !

I eventually solved the problem by disabling STUN (using ZOIPER) playing with the externip, localnet AND fromdomain parameters… testing one with the other, etc… it eventually worked with externip = public IP of the network of the A* box, localnet = local network adress of the A* box, and fromdomain=local network adress of the A*

hope this helps,